Comic Review: DC Rebirth Titans Volume 1

DC Comics’ Rebirth started off by returning Wally West, the third Flash, to its superhero universe.  Wally knew someone had robbed the world of about five years’ worth of time, and only his old mentor Barry Allen initially remembered him.  That included Wally’s wife Linda.

Wally decides the thing to do after that is hook up with his old friends the Titans to look into who stole time from the universe in a first volume subtitled The Return of Wally West.

Wally has a problem that he can more or less overcome quickly:  the Titans that he considers his closest friends don’t remember him.  Fortunately, he is able to get them to remember with some simple physical contact.  This method doesn’t seem to work on anyone else (like, once again, Wally’s sort of former wife Linda Park), but he does get Nightwing, Donna Troy, Arsenel, Tempest, and Omen back to being his friend, and the group realizes that not only was Wally missing from this world, but so were the Titans as a team.  Yes, there is a younger Titans team right now, but the original Titans never teamed up and made things better.

Hold on…Omen is one of the original Titans now?  OK, I can deal with that.

As it is, there is one other person who remembers Wally West:  longtime Flash foe Abra Kadabra.  He’s looking to become famous by making Wally disappear for good, and Linda Park makes for good bait.

Writer Dan Abnett starts off OK.  He’s got some promise here, even if the book almost reads like “Wally West and his Amazing Friends”.  The group gets a handful of clues pointing towards a certain Watchmen character that only Watchmen fans are liable to pick up on, and the series does handle the Wally/Linda interactions in a way that makes sense.  This was an OK start, nothing great, but nothing awful either.  Eight out of ten puppet impostors.

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