Runaways “Hostile”

Well, that was…something.

So, here’s the thing…I know why this series isn’t working for me.  It’s not really a superhero show.  It’s a teenage drama where some characters have superpowers.  The promised fight with the parents?  Most of them don’t have any real powers.  Old Lace comes in and gets immediately hit by a tranq dart.  Dinosaurs apparently are useless.  Jonah knocks everyone over except Karolina and then the two went nuts against each other and…

And I am not sure I cared.

The kids turn on each other off and on the whole time.

The parents fret behind the scenes.

And Jonah chews scenery as a villain whose motive or even species is still unknown.

So, Jonah is getting some weird texts suggesting a mole or traitor in the new Runaways, framed for murder of that girl from the first few episodes and the kidnapping of Molly.  So, what does Jonah want?  I don’t know.  The parents don’t know, and even Leslie knows it ain’t good and wants to bring him down now.  And, come on, big surprise Jonah killed Amy.

So, will I be back for season two?  That depends.  It may depend on whether it gets out of this teenage angst that can make for a good series for some, but not for me.  Seven and a half out of ten useless dinosaurs.

But now I need something new for Mondays.  Let’s take a look at this Altered Carbon thing on Netflix.  Apparently it has naked swordfighting.


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