Comic Review: The Wicked + The Divine Volume 6

The Image Comics series The Wicked + The Divine posits that every 90 years, 12 gods appear for no more than two years and then die.

The current storyline deals with the concept that the old god that guided them for centuries is dead and gone, they don’t know their mission, and for some reason there’s a 13th god.  Volume 6 offers a few answers in a book subtitled Imperial Phase Part 2.

Here’s the thing:  the fact that the story was split over two volumes means that this book is all conclusion after the first part was covered already.  The cat/war goddess Sakhmet killed a dozen or so mortals during a fit of pique and that’s out of bounds for most of the others.  Meanwhile, the unlikely grouping of the Norns, Wotan, and Dionysus are looking into finding some way to see the future to see what the Great Darkness is.  And then there’s the others who just don’t care.  13th god Persephone, AKA Laura, AKA the Destroyer, are going that route.

I was a little disappointed with this one.  Writer Kieron Gillen and artist Jamie McKelvie are still doing OK here, but the story seems a little unfocused.  The plot moves forward, with a few answers given on the Great Darkness in the last few pages, but mostly in a way to giving the reader more questions.  There are less gods to deal with, too, so maybe they all will be dead after two years at this rate.  I’ll stick around, but I’m hoping for more from whatever comes next.  Eight out of ten hidden labs.


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4 thoughts on “Comic Review: The Wicked + The Divine Volume 6

  1. Yep. It went from a really well thought through story revolving around a great concept (gods as rockstars in a contemporary world, with a murder mystery sitting underneath, and with the peripheral hero of the story probably becoming the villain) to turning into a bit of a slopfest with Imperial Phase Part 2. Profoundly disappointing.

    1. I assume this is all connected to the whatever it is Annake was doing from the beginning. Since we’ve only gotten bits and pieces of what that plan is, then I am more intrigued than anything else by that development. Besides, I am not sure I’d call any of those folks protagonists. Laura is the protagonist. The other gods are supporting characters.

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