Vikings “The Departed”

And we’re back with the show that unexpectedly grew on me.

How far can it go without the original series star?

So, apparently, if you kill your brother in a sudden rage, that can lead to a family split.  That was happening anyway as Bjorn is headed back to the Mediterranean, taking Halfdan the Black with him.  That leaves Ragnar’s other sons to decide what to do with the Great Heathen Army.

So, if Bjorn got Ragnar’s curiosity and urge to see more, and Ivar got his righteous rage, we see Ubbe got that more humane side, the one that doesn’t just go in swinging a sword at anything that moves but would let an obvious non-combatant go.  And, well, I guess Hvitserk is just there, man.

Problems erupt between Ubbe and Ivar.  Ivar wants to continue raiding up and down England.  Ubbe wants to try settling, as Ragnar wasn’t interested in just raiding forever.  Ivar is the type to pour molten gold down a bishop’s throat.  Religious fanatics are like that.

As for religious fanatics, That Asshole Floki set sail for wherever the winds would take him.  For now, he’s on some island that he thinks is Asgard.  Waterfalls that flow up and giants that step out of them which may be a hallucination will do that to someone.

And then there’s the new fanatic, a Christian one, the weasel-faced Bishop Heahmund.

Meanwhile, Lagertha locked up Harald, since he tried to overthrow her while he was away, but then he escaped and took her girlfriend with him.  Historically, Harald would be the first king of a united Norway.  But Lagertha is Lagertha, and Jenny will not tolerate her not being badass, so we’ll have to see where this goes.

It’s good to have a fun show like this back.


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