Ash Vs Evil Dead “Home”

Huh, maybe Jacksonville is more fun than I thought.


Yeah, so we’re back for season two, and the first thing that seems obvious is Ruby’s plan to control the demons from the book was a terrible one because it isn’t, you know, working.  So, she has to summon Ash for help.

You know your plans sucked when your best option is “Summon Ash”.

As it is, Ash is the most popular man in Jacksonville, where he uses his chainsaw attachment to open beer kegs.  Kelly and Pablo actually have to work, so they are having less fun.  When a somewhat skanky mother-and-daughter pair admire Ash’s chainsaw, that guy isn’t drunk enough to know if that’s good or bad weird.

And then those two turn into Deadites and our heroes have to swing into action, and due to some specific taunting, Ash knows he has to go to his old home town of Elk Grove, Michigan.

You know, why the people of that town taunt the guy they think went nuts and murdered a bunch of people with a chainsaw is a bit beyond me.  You’d think they’d really be scared of the guy instead.

But see, when Ash, Kelly, and Pablo go to the old crematorium to find Ruby, Ash discovers she needs his help and even lets him keep the demon-killing dagger for now.  So, yeah, and there was some pretty good slapstick for this series for this episode but…

My God, Lee Majors as Ash’s dad Brock is some really inspired casting.  He gives off a similar vibe, and yes, they make a Six Million Dollar Man reference.  More of him would be nice…you know, before they eventually kill him off because that’s what this show does.


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