Simpsons Did It!: “Brick Like Me”

Normally, when we get an episode about Homer and Lisa having some relationship difficulties, it’s because Homer did something insensitive and hurt Lisa.

In a nice change of pace, this time it’s the other way around.

But there are also a lot of Legos.

Yes, Homer wakes up one day to see the world has been transformed into, well, Legos.  He’s made of Legos, there’s a Lego Marge, Lego Bart, Lego Lisa, and a Duplo Maggie.  Aside from having everything made of Legos, we’re told that it’s a great world because everything fits together and nobody gets hurt because plastic blocks can’t feel pain.  Heck, you can take people apart and put them back together again if you need to.

So, we’re getting Lego versions of standard Simpson stand-bys.  Bart accidentally knocks the entire school down, and Principal Skinner makes him rebuild it with multiple Springfield Elementary sets.  You know, standard stuff.  Then Homer goes to buy Lisa a princess castle set from Comic Book Guy, but when he touches the box he flashes back to regular cartoon Homer’s life.  And that’s where everything comes to light.

It seems Homer had bought Lisa this castle set and then accepted her offer to help her build it, and for the first time ever Homer enjoyed playing with one of his children.  Heck, he explains this is the first time it has happened for any parent ever, and his argument isn’t bad.  Candyland is clearly the creation of Hell.  But what happened?

Well, Lisa wrote a book report for some book called The Survival Games which might sound a lot like The Hunger Games, and some older girls asked Lisa to accompany them to the new movie in the series instead of a Lego Convention/Showcase, and while there, Comic Book Guy’s giant, extra-busty version of the Survival Games heroine fell over and knocked Homer out.  As a result, he woke up in a land where nobody really ages, everything fits together, and nobody gets hurt.  He originally opts to stay in the fantasy world.

Then he thinks better of it, but Comic Book Guy has the only portal back to the real world, and he has all kinds of Lego playsets that can keep Homer out.  Enter Bart with a crazy robot made of Elementary School playset bricks that can, among other things, vomit lightsabers and fire off Skinner’s head like a cannonball.  Comic Book Guy is defeated, Homer changes back to his flesh/hand-drawn appearance, and returns to the “real” world where Lisa is waiting for him.  But Homer learned that letting kids grow up is part of the joy of parenting or something, and you have to let your kids grow and go at the same time, and no, Marge, that is not the plot of The Lego Movie.

So, Lisa goes to the movie.  Homer and Marge go too.  Homer alone doesn’t like it.  Too much love triangle, not enough of kids killing each other.

That’s a sweet message about kids growing up.

Too bad these characters don’t really age.


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