Comic Review: Outcast Volume 1

Writer Robert Kirkman is a prolific writer.  I have, in the past, read trades of both The Walking Dead and Invincible, both of which seem to be running for quite some time now with no end in sight.  The thing is, given how many trades those two series have, I find it a little daunting to jump in on them as I would probably have to start over like I did with Hellboy.

But Outcast is a relatively new series from the looks of things.  I can try that.  Here’s a review for volume one subtitled A Darkness Surrounds Him.

Outcast is the story of one Kyle Barnes.  Kyle lives alone for a wide variety of reasons, constantly telling his well-meaning sister Megan to go away.  Megan’s husband, a local cop, would like nothing more for that to happen as well.  It seems Kyle’s mother is more or less a vegetable after something happened, and Kyle had attacked his wife and daughter when something else happened.

What was it?  Demonic possession.  Most people don’t believe in that, but aside from a well-meaning minister insisting on getting Kyle’s help, it seems the world of Outcast has a lot of that sort of thing going on.  And Kyle has a gift of some kind.  His physical touch can sometimes drive away demons.  Why?  They call him an outcast, but…

See, this first trade, collecting the first six issues, doesn’t get that far.  Kirkman gave the book a very slow, gradual pace, giving readers time to see inside Kyle’s head as well as what’s going on with Megan, her husband, and the minister.  The devil may have come to town, but for now, Kyle is dealing with his own inner demons as opposed to the more spiritual ones he’s apparently able to deal with once he figures out how it works.  Great moody artwork by Paul Azaceta sets the tone as well, and fans of Kirkman would be advised to check this one out.  Nine out of ten children doing awful things to their own fingers.


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  1. You’ve read Walking Dead?!? And Invincibe is ending soon if it hasn’t already and the artist is moving on to Amazing Spider-Man.

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