Simpsons Did It!: Days Of Future Future”

Wait, we’re going back to that future timeline again? There’s Bart’s two (nameless) sons, but no sign of Lisa’s older daughter. Maggie is missing. Grampa is still alive.

This whole thing is nucking futs.

Yes, we’re in the future again, one where Homer for time can’t die because Professor Frink has a large number of clones with memory downloads there to replace him every time. It gets embarrassing what with the constant funerals, Moe embarrassing himself giving a card to Marge, and then a new Homer walking in. Then Frink runs out of clones and only has Homer’s mind downloaded onto a flash drive that can be projected onto a TV screen.

But by then it’s the future and Bart is having problems moving on from his divorce from ex-wife Jenda (returning guest star Amy Poehler). Lisa is married to sad-sack Milhouse, and the two barely talk. What can make their lives better?

Bart can go to a memory eraser place that can help him move on past his divorce Total Recall-style. That involves getting temporarily back with Jenda when she is temporarily dumped by her boyfriend Jerry, a rather friendly xenomorph type. Lisa can find Milhouse more exciting when he’s bitten by a zombie. Zombie Milhouse is less articulate but also since he doesn’t feel pain, he’s a lot more assertive and less frightened by everything. And while Marge does toss Homer out of the house, she takes him back when he gets downloaded into a new C-3PO style body with corresponding behavior change. Did we learn anything?

Well, it apparently sucks to be Santa’s Little Hybrid, the talking combination of both the Simpson pets.

But where was Maggie and Lisa’s daughter? I think we need to know these things and…wait, I don’t care. Moving on.

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