Ash Vs Evil Dead “The Dark One”

So, how good a hero is Ash Williams?

Not a very good one, actually.

OK, so, it seems the mysterious Ruby wrote the Necronomicon many years earlier, and she has some plans for it:  she’s going to release the demons bound inside so she can control them.  Now, she says she isn’t going to do it for completely evil reasons, but you can’t have good without evil and someone controlling the Evil could be beneficial to humanity.

Ash doesn’t buy that.  For one thing, the cover of the book is still attached to Pablo’s face.  For another, that surely sounds like The Godfather, and Ash finds that movie long, slow, and lacking in sufficient number of boobs.  He’s a Death Wish  kind of guy.

See, Ruby is one of the Dark Ones, who do have an evil nickname, but at least they’re honest about it.  Now it’s up to Ash, Kelly, and that blonde hiker whose name I think was Heather.

Actually,  Ash falls down into the basement and the trap door closes behind him.  Kelly is tossed outside, and the hiker who hated hiking is killed.  Big surprise there.  The biggest surprise is that character actually lasted three episodes.

As it is, Ruby offers Ash a deal:  he leaves her alone and gets to live his life in Jacksonville like he always wanted to.  Ash declines.

Now, see, Pablo is vomiting up creepy, eyeless children, and don’t do a Three Stooges eye poke to those things.  It doesn’t work.  But even with Kelly as back-up once she gets inside (apparently, the cabin will open its doors if you set it on fire), there’s not much Ash can do before Pablo, under the control of the cover, murders Kelly.  Ruby isn’t hurt by anything but the special dagger.  What can Ash do?

He shrugs, figures he’s had enough, and takes the Jacksonville offer, driving away with his two sidekicks, safe and (mostly) unharmed.  He did keep the dagger, but left Ruby to take control of the Evil in that dang book.

So, as sinkholes open up all over the world, Ash just figures it isn’t his problem anymore.

Not much of a hero, is he?

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