Simpsons Did It!: “Luca$”

For the record, the phonetic pronunciation for this episode title is “Luca-dollar”.

That’s probably not important right now.

Also not important?  Bart helps Snake hide from Chief Wiggum, so Snake gives Bart a lot of stolen stuff.  Then Bart gets what turns out to be Milhouse’s tablet, so Milhouse blabs and Springfield had a three strikes and you’re out law.  Wiggum thought that meant people could go free after three arrests, but then he changed it to four balls and you walk…straight to the electric chair.  But then the Ikea chair isn’t ready and Snake is able to escape by pressing the included wrench to Wiggum and…you know what, that’s just silly.

Not so silly?  Lisa meets a boy in the lunchroom named Lucas.  He wants to be a competitive eater, but he keeps gagging on, oh, everything, and he has the voice of Zach Galifianakis.  Lisa knows better but opts to try and help him find some sort of food that doesn’t make him almost vomit as he tries to eat it quickly.

What’s the problem there?  Well, Marge is a little bothered, but then Patty and Selma point out Lisa is getting close to another Homer.  That leads to Marge pushing Homer to take Lisa on a mock date where she can see what a real gentleman is like, but that just offends Homer and Marge shows up to make it better in a new dress that she totally did not wear on Project Runway.

So, everything’s fixed, and Lucas decides to be the next Adele instead, but he can’t sing either.  That kid can’t even whistle.

Lisa can do much better.

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