Runaways “Tsunami”

I think I may be starting to sour a bit on Runaways.

Here’s the problem:  for a show about a bunch of superpowered teenagers who, you know, run away from home, the show seems to be focused much more on their duplicitous, backstabbing parents.  Well, some are more duplicitous and backstabbing than others.  After Janet shot her husband, they don’t call a doctor or anything.  The Yorkes (dropping Molly off with a second cousin of hers who has information on her parents) are sorta doctors, but not really.  It seems PRIDE calls…each other to deal with a man who was shot and bleeding out.  And eventually, Jonah shows up because whatever his mystery project is, he needs Victor to achieve it.  Everyone else is expendable, and that means using the weird pods to heal Victor at the cost of someone else when Frank, who may or may not have been part of the original group, can’t heal Victor with his magical healing gloves.

Now, Robert tries to go in Janet’s place, but then Tina uses the Staff of One to destroy the pod.  And there’s more bickering going on, and Tina and Leslie almost throw down (Leslie removing her earrings seems portentous), and the whole time I was wondering…why do I care about these people?  For a situation where time seems to be of the essence, they sure are taking a lot of time arguing about whether or not to call different people and whatnot.  I’m just thinking Victor should have been dead for a while by the time the episode ends.

As for the kids, well, Alex knew Tina’s password because Nico’s dead older sister Amy gave it to him, and Alex may know something about Amy’s suicide, such as how it isn’t really a suicide.  Some shadowy figure did it, and yeah, it’s probably Jonah, meaning the Yorkes were right to send Molly away.  Plus, Chase destroys Alex’s laptop after the evidence of the PRIDE killing people is finally unencrypted.  Because now he loves his dad.  It’s like trying to keep track from episode to episode or scene to scene whether or not Gert and Karolina are friends or not.

Basically, this show (like a lot of Netflix’s Marvel stuff) is taking it’s old, sweet time and not really going anywhere.

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