Simpsons Did It!: “The Man Who Grew Too Much”

At the end of this episode, Ned Flanders misses his second wife, Edna Krabappel.  That’s all I am going to say about that.

See, in the meantime, two things happen:  first, Marge can’t get to the church sign-ups on time and ends up being put in charge of getting the local teens to sign an abstinence pledge, an activity she finds very uncomfortable.  Second, Lisa discovers the elementary school cafeteria is serving GMOs, and after some initial concern, decides to look into whether or not the science is sound.

It turns out it is, so Lisa and her family go on a tour of the local Monsanto-like corporation and there learn the shocking truth:  Sideshow Bob (still Kelsey Grammer) is the chief scientist.  He’s a doctor, but what Homer considers the fake kind, not the medical kind.

How did Bob get there?  Work release.  He actually has a large cement block chained to his ankle.  And he isn’t trying to murder the Simpsons this time.  Heck, he and Lisa take a moment to appreciate Walt Whitman together.

It would be about then that Lisa starts hanging out with Bob at his job.

Marge, meanwhile, can only get the teens to sign a pledge by bringing Homer with her and letting them imagine him having sex with anyone.  That works.

But hey, Lisa and Bob are in for a nice trip to the local museum when Bob takes a detour into an exhibit which just so happens to have the DNA of a lot of dead geniuses.  And, well, he’s been experimenting on himself.  He’s strong enough to snap the chain and then toss the concrete block.  And sure, he isn’t inclined towards violence:  just world domination.   Good thing Bart showed up with a sling shot!

Oh, but Bob isn’t murderous unless someone annoys him too much.  Cue a family asking him to take their picture…

Now Lisa and Bart are on the run, and the cops can’t do anything because the local teens are going nuts with no sexual outlets.  Bob has some grasshopper legs and catches up to the kids easily enough, and even when Homer and Marge arrive with the rampaging teens, Bob easily overpowers everyone, with his genetically modified mouth wrapped around Kearney’s face.  That’s when Lisa reminds him about Walt Whitman and Bob feels bad, releases Kearney, and dives off the dam the whole thing was taking place on.  He hits several things on the way down and lands with a splash.  Chief Wiggum assures Lisa that Bob will be part of her drinking water, so she shouldn’t feel too sad.  Maybe she should feel creeped out, Chief…

But then Bob is fine.  He grafted himself some gills.  Off to do more evil.

Then he steps on a rake.



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