Deadwood “I Am Not The Fine Man You Take Me For”

This episode opens with a drunk giving a speech, including the line that gives the episode its title, from the scaffold put up so the various men running for mayor and sheriff can give speeches.  He ends up falling off and breaking his neck.

That may be the least horrifying thing to happen in this episode.

Well, maybe not.  There’s the usual things happening around town.  And heck, Jane actually manages to do a good job of telling Martha’s pupils about General Custer without any swearing or inappropriate topics.

But bad stuff?

Cy Tolliver may be healthier than he let on and pulls a gun on Reverend Cramed.

Hearst has two more guys killed in Al’s place, union organizers.  He sends word to Al ahead of time, so he and Dan get the guys first before two other guys get involved.

Alma’s health isn’t look too good as her pregnancy takes a turn for the worst.

The speeches are OK.  Farnum goes the anti-Semetic route against Sol, but Sol and Bullock both basically point out they’re not moving out of Deadwood anytime soon, and Bullock’s opponent has some decent ideas but isn’t much fo a speaker and no one seems to be listening anyway.

As for Al and Hearst, Hearst wants Al to help Hearst get Alma’s claim.  When Al essentially refuses, Hearst has Swearengen beaten and then chops off a finger.

Now, Bullock would go get Hearst immediately, but Swearengen councils patience.  This ain’t that kinda fight.

But yeah, typical day in the Deadwood camp.

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