Deadwood “Tell Your God To Ready For Blood”

HBO famously canceled Deadwood after the third season but before creator David Milch could finish the story.  Sure, there’s talk about a movie to wrap things up, but for now, we have this last season to get through and see what we can see.

It’s election time in Deadwood, and as Swearengen and Bullock soon realize, there is one guy in the camp who wants more control than he let’s on, namely mining magnate George Hearst.

What is their first clue?  A couple Cornish miners shoot each other in Al’s place.  If Hearst, who is meeting the candidates for mayor and sheriff, asks Bullock to look the other way, it means he wants more control of the town.  That’s how Al sees it, and Bullock isn’t far from disagreeing.

And then Hearst asks Bullock to look the other way.  Oh, and he hints he knows things about Bullock and Alma.  That leads to a savage beating from Bullock…on Farnum, who may have been the one to fill Hearst in on camp gossip.  Or he may not have.  Bullock isn’t sure after the fact.

By the by, the other candidate for mayor?  Sol.  Cool.

As for Swearengen, he’s told by Hearst the dead Cornishman may have been a union organizer.  So, yeah, maybe get Swearengen in a bit of trouble and take care of a union problem.  Seems like something a man like Hearst might do.

All this means, that even though the campaign speeches were put off, to the relief of Charlie Utter since he had to introduce one person, that still means the real goal will be to keep Hearst from taking over the entire camp, and that may mean Al pushing for a Jewish guy becoming mayor.

Oh sure, other things happened, but let’s lead off with that for now since it looks like it leads to the most long term plot threads.

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