Runaways “Metamorphosis”

Well, there’s something I didn’t expect to see.  Stan Lee as a limo driver!

Actually, there are a lot of things I didn’t expect to see…

This episode opens with the first PRIDE sacrifice, under the direction of Karolina’s father Jonah.  It would seem few of the PRIDE members knew what was happening until it was too late, but by then Jonah had them all on tape, and not only were they all susceptible to blackmail as a result, but as Geoffrey points out, their kids could be next.

First thing I didn’t expect to see:  Molly’s parents.  Of course they’d be there.

Most of the action takes place at a PRIDE fundraiser/gala.  The kids all opt to go together in order to find out more about what’s going on.  That means Nico can get Alex up to her mother’s work computer, which is where the encrypted data with proof of the PRIDE’s wrongdoing is stored.  Since the gala is at the Minoru family company (Wizard Computers apparently), that means they need someone to effectively distract security guards while Nico and Alex go upstairs and hack the system.

Second thing I didn’t expect to see:  Gert is the distraction, not Karolina.  And she’s good at it.

Of course, by this point, we’ve learned the Staff of One is, maybe, not magic.  It’s technology reliant on Tina’s (or, apparently, Nico’s) DNA to activate.  That’s why it takes a little blood to do…anything.  This happens at about the same time Victor and Chase are finally bonding as they put the Fistigons together.

Third thing I didn’t expect to see:  the two parents that seemed to be the worst parents to their respective kids (Tina and Victor) are apparently better people than they first appeared to be, or at least bonding with their kids better such that both Chase and Nico are more reluctant to bring their parents down than they used to be.

So, why wasn’t Karolina the distraction?  Well, she was busy elsewhere…learning she could fly after sort of hitting on Nico and getting a kiss from Chase.  Yes, her powers allow her not to plummet to her death when she falls off the ledge of a skyscraper, but her sexual orientation is still something of an enigma to some.

Fourth thing I didn’t expect to see:  Gert sees Karolina’s obvious attraction to Nico and offers support, only to have it tossed back in her face by a (I guess) still closeted Karolina.  To be fair, Karolina’s whole character arc comes with realizing who she really is.

But then comes the big moment:  Victor learned his wife was cheating on him and says as much in the middle of the gala before his brain tumor causes him to collapse.  That causes Tina to run off crying over her failed marriage and Janet to worry about her own, but Jonah steps forward with an experimental treatment based on a very hearty person’s immune system (his own?).  That does revive Victor (we’re told the PRIDE still needs him), and he goes off to hug his family, apparently completely forgetting his wife cheated on him.

We’ll call that the fifth thing.

The sixth thing?  Molly can’t lie to save her life, so now the Wilders know she probably knows about the basement.

And for a seventh thing…Jonah and Frank Dean meet.  Frank sort of remembers his wife having sex with Jonah, but Jonah takes Frank aside for something Leslie Dean knows is just bad news.

It occurs to me that Leslie and Jonah are probably the real villains here.  The others, left to their own devices, might not be that bad.

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