Watson Reviews: Batman- Gotham By Gaslight

Based on the grandfather of the DC Elseworlds label comes a new film envisions a Victorian Batman chasing a Jokeresque Jack the Ripper.

As the latest entry in the DC Animated Original movie series, creators once again have latitude to tell stories unsuited for big budget, Hollywood, live action pictures.

The premise in Batman- Gotham By Gaslight is that Jack the Ripper, having grown bored in London, has traveled to Gotham to begin preying on ladies of the evening and anyone else considered impure.

Based on the graphic novel of the same name created by Brian Augustyn and Mike Mignola (creator of Hellboy), this adaptation captures the same mood, but adds in more action and a few new twists; as Batman attempts to solve the mystery and catch the killer.

The voice work is solid as Watson favorite, Bruce Greenwood (The Post) reprises his voice duties as Batman. Though I am a diehard Kevin Conroy fan, Greenwood is a close second in the Batman voice work business.

I also liked the animation of the film. It is inspired by the original work of course, but has broad similarities to the Batman: The Animated Series designs.

DC produces a lot of direct to digital animated films. Some are great like Greenwood’s earlier performance Under the Red Hood or Justice League Dark. Others are disappointing, such as the Green Lantern films or infuriating, as was the case with Killing Joke.

This one falls well in the middle. Decent entertainment, but mostly for the diehard DC fans.

Overall, I give Batman: Gotham By Gaslight 7 “Ye Olde Batarangs” out of 10.

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