YouTube Selection: Cinefix’s “Top 10 Thrillers Of All Time”

There are a lot of listmakers on the Internet.  So, why should I bother posting one here?

Well, I like the way Cinefix does it.  They don’t just toss off ten relatively recent movies.  Instead, they give out a number of quality recommendations from through cinema history and don’t limit themselves to American works.  Even if you don’t like their top picks, you’ll get a number of other options along with whatever makes their list.

This time around, Cinefix is looking at thrillers,, here defined as any movie that creates a feeling of suspense.  And since Cinefix further divides their lists into categories, they give you a lot of options in a lot of different forms of suspenseful movies.  There are picks for comedic, psychological, and erotic thrillers among other types.  Take a look and get some high quality recommendations.


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