Ash Vs. Evil Dead “Fire In The Hole”

Well, good news!  Ruby isn’t dead!

She was unharmed by a fire.  That…may not be good news actually.

Better news!  Ash and his group meet some people who don’t wind up dead by the end of the episode as seems to happen with everyone else they’ve met since the show started.  True, a number of them die, but not all of them.  Who are these lucky SOBs?

Um, paranoid, anti-government militia men who assume that Ash’s friend Lem–now a Deadite–was hit with some sort of biological agent from the government.  Oh, and one of them recognizes Fisher as a cop.


Wait, is Fisher getting handcuffed again?  Man, binge this show and make a drinking game out of that!

Well, it all comes down to Pablo and Kelly staying away from the militia guys while Ruby and Ash, handcuffed to each other, need to stay away from Deadite Lem while both are unarmed and locked in a bunker with the foul zombie.

Are Deadite’s zombies?  I’m a little uncertain.  They might just be corpses possessed by demons.  Big difference.  Or not.  Ask Jimmy.

Now, it does seem to work out.  Ash and Fisher manage, between awkward but apparently working flirting moves from Ash (ew!), to take out Lem without causing the kerosine to blow the whole bunker sky high, and considering the bunker is underground, going sky high means it could go much, much higher than a ground level thing blown sky high.

Think about it.

That’s what my boss says when he wants me to reconsider something he didn’t like me doing.  I do think about it.  I think if I stop doing whatever he talked to me about, I won’t get a stupid, paternalistic lecture from some guy who thinks I don’t know how to do my job as well as he does.  Jokes on him!  He’s right.  I don’t do my job as well as he does.  I do it better.

I may have some issues to work out.

Like Pablo, who doesn’t know what sort of weapon he’s best suited for (answer may be a pick-up truck).

Or Ash, who vanishes and leaves the other three behind after they successfully blow away a Deadite militia man with the horde or weapons they grabbed.

Or Ash’s demonic servered hand, which managed to find the cabin first…


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