Comic Review: iZombie Volume 1

Both Jimmy and I here at Gabbing Geek get a kick out of the TV series iZombie.

But hey, it was based on a comic book series from DC’s Vertigo imprint.  I read the first volume subtitled Dead to the World.  How was that?

While the TV show is based on this comic book, it isn’t exactly a faithful adaptation.  Here’s what it has in common:  based in the state of Oregon, a young woman in her twenties is a zombie who must from time-to-time eat a human brain to maintain a level of normalcy.  She then gets for a brief period flashes of the dead person’s memory.  She works a job that allows for easy-access to new brains, and for this trade, subtitled Dead to the World, she opts to solve the murder of her most recent meal.

And that’s it.  The TV version shows a world where zombies are real because of some kind of goofy science accident involving a sports drink company and she works in a morgue, solving murders on the side.  Here, her name is Gwen Dylan and she works in a cemetery.  Her origins are supernatural, though she doesn’t quite know what they are.  Her best friends are a ghost girl from the 60s and a computer nerd guy who turns into a half-terrier by the light of the full moon.  There are vampires, a mummy, and a society of monster hunters.

The whole thing is a bit quirky, as befits artist Mike Allred’s work.  Writer Chris Roberson sets up an interesting new world to explore with the promise of more as Gwen’s new love interest is also a member of the monster hunting group.  The plot, such as it is, moves at a slow pace, acting mostly as set-up here for bigger things down the road as Roberson and Allred introduce the world, and despite the Vertigo label, it probably wouldn’t be too bad for younger readers all things being equal.  It didn’t grab me as much as I might have hoped, and as much as I like Allred’s work, it does have this weird look where no matter what’s happening, the characters look more like they are posing for pictures instead of actually moving.  As such, let’s say eight out of ten mysterious shovel-bearers.

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