Runaways “Fifteen”

You know, the parents have lots of problems and issues, and I still have a hard time believing the Yorkes are all that evil.  So, I think I’ll skip them this time around and just discuss the kids each in turn.

After a conference call between the five, they still aren’t sure what they want to do.  Karolina and Gert think their folks are innocent.  Alex seems unsure.  Nico and Chase are ready to believe the worst, especially as they learn the girl they saw washed up dead on a beach.

So, anyhoo, here they are in turn…


Molly has the least to do this episode.  She wants to know what her parents were like, and she does offer to be the team muscle, but the others more or less ignore her.


So, while the Yorkes are out looking for a dinosaur, the creature in question attacks Molly, but then it does exactly what Gert wants.  Why?  No one knows.  Heck, the Yorkes see their daughters with the animal and they don’t know why it likes Gert.  Gert also overheard Chase defending himself after his lacrosse teammates demand an apology for beating them up after they won’t apologize for almost raping a girl.


Chase quits the lacrosse team rather than apologize.  Good for him.  He also gets some quality work done on his “fistigons”.  Surprisingly, he gets help from his father.  Then again, Victor Stein seems to be losing it a bit, so let’s not congratulate the guy for not being a complete asshole just yet.


So, it had to come to this.  Karolina was the one most insistent that there was another explanation for what happened and her mom was innocent.  A little digging around the church shows that young runaways often disappear from there.  Oh, and it’s been going on for something like fifteen years.

Eep.  Poor girl.

But she also learns she can glow when she takes her bracelet off.


Nico may have had the most to do this episode.  Not only does she make a lot of connections, but we start the episode with a flashback to when her sister Amy died of what looked like a suicide.  Was it?  Hard to say.  Tina wouldn’t let Nico call 911, using magic to knock her surviving daughter out.  And the guy who came?  Well, Nico sees the guy again in a police station.  As such, she concludes the PRIDE own the cops.

Nico is basically on the opposite end of the spectrum from Karolina when it comes to thinking about whether her folks were innocent or guilty.


Well, Alex found his dad’s gun.  And then he got kidnapped.

That could be a problem.

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