Podcast Reaction: The Oscars 2018 Edition

This week on the podcast, Jenny and the guys talked about the Oscars and the way there isn’t much in the way of female representation in superhero comics.

I, naturally, write this up and have stuff to say about it because no one here seems capable of stopping me.

As for comics and gender, my Friday morning YouTube post, which I have already shared with Jenny, covers a lot of thoughts I’ve been considering about fandom and how women are treated and so forth, so I won’t say much of anything about the comics portion of the episode.  Besides, I’ve reviewed lots of comics by and about female characters.  Jenny could get all kinds of suggestions from those spoiler-free things I write.  That is all I will say about that.

Oh, wait, time for the running gag…

Watson’s ideal gold-covered figure.

So, like Watson, I have seen eight of the nine Best Picture nominees.  Unlike Watson, I am not dreading seeing Phantom Thread this weekend.  I’ll say something in a review for early next week.  You follow this site, you know how it goes.  But I do feel confident enough to comment on the other eight.  So, here goes…

The Post and Darkest Hour are not as impressive as the others.  Spielberg can do stuff like The Post in his sleep, and it’s fine, but nothing spectacular.  The same is more or less true for Darkest Hour in that there isn’t much of interest in it outside of Gary Oldman’s great performance.

I put Get Out and The Shape of Water pretty high in my top ten list, and Dunkirk was also pretty high up there.  I liked Shape of Water best, though I don’t know if the stodgy old farts in the Academy will go for any kind of genre movie like that or Get Out.  Three Billboards was fine, and that may be the safest pick right now.  It wasn’t my favorite, but I don’t really expect the Oscar to go to the best movie of the year.  Heck, my top pick of Logan didn’t get a Best Picture nod.

That leaves Lady Bird and Call Me By Your Name.  Both are fine.,  Neither will win Best Picture.  Lady Bird is a comedy, and those don’t generally win.  The other is a nice film with a wonderful speech from Michael Stulbarg.  There’s nothing wrong with it, but it also isn’t the best movie of the year.

Then again, as I said, I don’t expect the best movie to actually win Best Picture.

It’s why Forest Gump beat out Pulp Fiction and The Shawshank Redemption.

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