Comic Review: Mockingbird Volume 2

I have to say I appreciate it when Marvel experiments or lets a less traditional character have a shot at a solo series.

The fact these solo series don’t tend to last long is less appreciated.  But Marvel’s Mockingbird ran for eight issues, and the second trade, subtitled My Feminist Agenda, finished the series off.

Bobbi “Mockingbird” Morse spends the last three issues of the series on a cruise ship full of nerds, looking into a murder when a man who claims he can provide evidence to get her ex-husband Hawkeye acquitted for the murder of Bruce “the Hulk” Banner.  She’s doubting why she’s there, and it doesn’t help that her current questionable love interest Hunter is also onboard for some sort of Corgi appreciation thing.  That means there are also, along with the gamers, cosplayers, and horse masks, there are mobs of small dogs running around the ship.

Writer Chelsea Cain and artist Kate Niemczyk had a really fun series here.  There’s a bouncy sense of humor, and Bobbi seems like the kind of person you might want to hang out with even as she recognizes how she keeps dating (or marrying) bad matches for her.  That the team finishes the series off with a stalker ex of the worst kind is about as fitting as it can get, especially in the era of #MeToo.

Of course, three issues barely justifies a whole trade, so Marvel tossed a pair of New Avengers issues into the mix as well.  Brian Michael Bendis had a very different take on the character, and it’s clear that those issues were sort of the set-up for the solo series.  It really didn’t fit that well.  So, let’s say eight and a half out of ten Thors cosplayers who are good with animals.

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  1. These were some of the best Civil War II tie in issues. Though in the overall scheme of CWII they made little sense. Much like the rest of CWII.

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