Geek Classic Review: Evil Dead II

I’ve been watching and writing up Ash vs Evil Dead lately, and though I have seen and enjoyed Army of Darkness many times–that iss a movie that is far more quotable than Clue–I hadn’t seen Evil Dead II.   Or Evil Dead for that matter.

As it is, Jimmy Impossible, that debonair man-about-town, recommended seeing Evil Dead II before I get too much further in that series.  Good idea!  Here’s a review!

The movie opens with Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) and his girlfriend Linda are driving off for a romantic weekend at remote cabin in the woods.  They find a tape recorder because, I guess, they didn’t check to see if anyone owned the place before driving out there, and the old professor who left it behind read out some words from the Necronomicon, waking up The Evil and starting the sort of trouble that happens in these movies, starting with possessing Linda and then targeting Ash.  It goes from there, with more victims showing up and lots of gory slapstick.

You know what you’re going to get with something like this, and Campbell was in his prime then, able to bounce around in a slapstick-y manner like a ragdoll, particularly when his hand is possessed and tries to kill him.  He’s still a fun presence today, but he can’t literally bounce back like that anymore to judge by his more recent work.  That said, this isn’t a movie where you should think too hard, just enjoy as Ash enjoys a laugh when everything in the house comes to life or a fountain of blood shoots out of the walls like a firehose only to just as quickly reverse course and flow back in.  Director Sam Raimi will have a more coherent movie with Army of Darkness, but this one is still a hell of a good time, and the only things you really need to know is everything is groovy and Jenny won’t watch this.

Eight and a half out of ten acknowledgements that this is, in fact, a cult movie and you may be in the cult.

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  1. Evil Dead II is essentially a bigger budget remake of Evil Dead, though it’s more slapstick comedy than scary as the original tried to be. The first one is still worth watching, but you could argue Ash’s story really begins here.

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