Simpsons Did It!: “Love Is A Many-Splintered Thing”

Bart spends a lot of time narrating this episode while looking a bit like Woody Allen, and that’s when a cartoon version of Allen himself isn’t offering pointers that don’t work.  Plus, Lisa briefly appears dressed like Annie Hall.

Does Bart know who Woody Allen is?  Nope.

Hey, remember when Bart was concerned that none of his one episode a piece girlfriends liked him anymore so he busted his ass staying on the good side of Mary Spuckler, Cletus’ talented daughter, only to watch her leave on a train to avoid going home with her slack-jawed yokel of a dad?  Yeah, she’s back as is guest voice Zooey Deschanel!

What happened?  Well, she came home and Bart invites her over for Saturday to hang out and do whatever passes in the fourth grade for fun with a girlfriend, but Bart’s idea of fun is for her to watch him kill Milhouse in a video game over and over. That isn’t much fun for Mary.  Sure, Lisa tries to warn him that he will never do better than Mary Spuckler, but Bart still would rather juggle piglets at Mary’s house than listen to the song she wrote for him.

Can anything help?  Well, he does attend the Hillbilly Talent Show, and though Mary doesn’t win, Bart can score points by saying something nice and encouraging.

He’s not good at that.  He seeks help from his imagination, but Wolverine from a video game isn’t helpful, and neither is the one member of the E-Street Band who would do a guest spot, Max Weinberg.  But that Brazilian man looking to do some sort of signage thing with Mary has an attractive son about her age…

Point is, Mary dumps Bart, and Bart deserved it if we’re being frank.  Or not.  Frank has problems.

But then Bart goes home to see Homer and Marge fighting and uncharacteristically takes Homer’s side, challenging Marge to say what she really thinks as most women don’t and that’s why there are problems.

Marge throws both Bart and Homer out.  They’d be in the doghouse, but Marge still likes the dog.

Fortunately, Homer has a place at the Brokewood Apartments for all those times Marge tosses him out.  He’s even on a first name basis with the manager, and the other guys there look like worse husbands than Homer.  One keeps talking about smoking pot with his kid…

But life ain’t all good, especially when the men’s idea of a party is to blast some tunes but the only CD they have is an audio book read by guest star and historian Robert Caro.  Bart has had enough of this and asks what they can do.  Fortunately, someone thinks to try a British romantic-comedy, which apparently has all the answers and that says do a big romantic gesture.

It also features guest star Benedict Cumberbatch doing impressions of Hugh Grant and Alan Rickman.

Yes, Benedict Cumberbatch.  That Benedict Cumberbatch.  Is there any other Benedict Cumberbatch?

Hello, Jenny.

Apparently, inviting all the women over to hear the men do a song they wrote set to “Ode to Joy” works…except on Mary.  She married that Brazilian boy.

Well, it sorta worked out for Bart.  He sees on social media later that Mary is a widow and he sends an “I miss you,” and she does write back.  So yeah, maybe that goes somewhere.

At least until Jenda comes along…


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