Runaways “Destiny”

You know, the comic book series, and the title of the show itself, suggests the teenage superheroes will, you know, run away from home.

They haven’t gotten that far along in their plan yet.

See, there’s still a bit of doubt as to whether or not the girl Karolina identified as Destiny is really dead or not.  Of course, she is, but only Chase’s father knows that for certain because he, you know, killed the girl himself when his dematerializer didn’t work.  Of course, Victor is seeing the girl in his lab, so for an abusive lout he actually is capable of guilt.  Who knew?

That’s something else going on here:  the parents seem less…evil this time around.  The source material said the Runaways’ parents all made a deal with demonic entities for power.  They start scheming against each other when they had children because they were promised they alone would survive the demon things coming to Earth and, well, they want their kids to live too.  Here we see the Yorkes happily discuss the end of PRIDE and getting out of L.A., and quite frankly, those two seem about as evil as Mrs. Butterworth.

In fact, much of what we see here seems to be about the parents committing more mundane acts of evil.  Nico’s father and Chase’s mother are having an affair.  That actually comes in handy because it means that when, say, Molly or Nico need to lie to an adult, they can just claim to be committing an act that’s fairly common as teenage rebellion, like sneaking around for sex or liquor.

There are some things that are making headway towards weirdness, though.

Nico finds the Staff of One and discovers it works for her…sort of.

Chase and Gert discover Old Lace, and Old Lace seems…bonded to Gert.

And Destiny’s body washed up on a beach somewhere.  PRIDE needs another victim.

Besides, the folks at PRIDE don’t trust each other anyway.  The episode opens with the funeral for Molly’s parents ten years earlier.  They died in a fire.  Geoffrey accuses Tina of starting the fire with her Staff, while the Yorkes adopt Molly out of fear they’d get blamed.

Yeah, the kids seem to be working together better than their parents.

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