Comic Review: Rocket Girl Volume 1

Time travel is an old sci-fi concept, but what happens when a time traveler travels back in time explicitly to prevent the invention of time travel, you have the Image Comics series Rocket Girl.

Fifteen year old Dayoung Johansson is from an alternate future version of 2013, where everything is a lot more high tech than what we’re used to.  She’s a member of the NYTPD, or the New York Teen Police Department.  It seems, for some reason, that all cops in future New York City are teenagers.  Why?  The comic gives two different reasons, one about teens being incorruptible and the other that they’re in training to become security officers for Quintum Mechanics, the company that basically runs the city and, oh, committed a “Crime Against Time”.  As such, Dayoung travels back to 1986 to stop them from, among other things, inventing time travel.

Here’s the thing:  this book seems poorly paced and most of the characters strike me as dumb.  Dayoung doesn’t know why the young scientists she meets in 1986 don’t know about the crimes they haven’t committed yet, and the scientists in question seem to be too confused to screw in a lightbulb.  Likewise, Dayoung, dubbed “Rocket Girl” due to her rocket pack that she uses while crimefighting at some unknown point, doesn’t seem to understand why cops don’t listen to her shouting orders, and cops tend to stare at her a bit before they realize she’s only 15 and maybe shouldn’t be trying to be a cop (even if she is a cop in an alternate future).  Plus, what exactly is her goal?  Her superiors from her own time are doing their own thing, but they might not exist when the book is over.  A streetcop she meets also has a Quintum Mechanics security expert who looks exactly like him, despite the fact they seem to be the same age even though one should be 27 years older and are implied to be the same person.

Basically, this book doesn’t make much sense, and I didn’t much like Dayoung or any of the other characters.  Considering writer Brandon Montclare also writes the amusing and fun Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur for Marvel, well, I’m just surprised and disappointed with Rocket Girl.  Five out of ten half-assed hostage situations.


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