Ash Vs. Evil Dead “Brujo”

It’s always great to see Lucy Lawless kicking ass.  She’s just so darn good at it.

I mean, we still don’t entirely know her deal, but we have some suggestions.

Yes, after Lawless rescues Officer Fisher from that Deadite, she says she’s after Ash because her family died because of him, and she thinks Fisher would be invaluable for tracking him down.  I’m not sure why, since she has Ash’s severed hand, and it’s…doing stuff.  You know, like moving.


But after running from a sentient sandstorm (or whatever), Ash and company get to Pablo’s uncle, the Brujo.  He can maybe help Ash out.  What does he reveal?  Ash is an idiot, but he has some power he barely uses, and one drug trip later takes Ash to a place where his pet lizard Eli can talk and his ideal place is…Jacksonville, Florida?  Um, OK.  Probably warmer than Michigan either way.

All Ash has to do is bury the Necronomicon where he found it, namely that cabin from the Evil Dead movies.  There’s just one problem…

While whatever Ash released can get to him on the Brujo’s property, Kelly can, and she’s possessed by that underbite demon from the previous episode.  And though Ash might know this since he was, while tripping, strangling her, Pablo and his uncle didn’t, so they knocked him out in time to save Kelly but not to stop the demon.

Well, hey, at least Pablo is making Ash a new hand!


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