Simpsons Did It!: “The Day The Earth Stood Cool”

Here’s one of the bigger differences between Homer and Marge:  Homer wants to be cool or believes he is.  Marge knows she isn’t cool and is relatively fine with that.

What causes this revelation?  Homer is mistaken for Bart’s grandfather at at the local park and is put into an extremely bad mood.  It’s softened up a bit when he sees donuts at work.  But he missed all of them, and these donuts come with all kinds of exotic toppings and flavors, like a Russian nesting donut which has small donuts layered inside bigger donuts.    The donuts were sold from a truck, and Homer must have some.  He then calls 911.

If this were any other town, this would be a problem, but Chief Wiggum is more than willing to use police resources to find a donut truck.  And find it they do, where a hipster named Terrence is closing up for the day.  He makes a batch and once they’re gone, they’re gone.  And right now, they’re gone.  He’s from Portland, but that city was played out, so he and the family migrate.  Homer knows the house next to his (not Flanders’) is always for sale and encourages Terrence to move there.  Terrence agrees and moves there with his wife Emily and two children, baby Corduroy and ten year old T-Rex (guest star Patton Oswalt).

Oh, Terrence and Emily?  Played by Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein of Portlandia.  That’s…actually pretty inspired casting.

Homer really likes these people, but Marge doesn’t sense she fits in, especially when Emily starts breastfeeding right in front of her.  Homer shaves off his remaining hairs and tries to grow a goatee.  Bart and Lisa, meanwhile, find T-Rex rather insufferable since he seems to think everything is passé and doesn’t even own a TV.  Sure, Lisa loves his stuff, but he’s a rotten little so-and-so.

Homer wants to really fit in and even takes his kids out with their kids, though gore-filled Korean film festivals don’t seem age appropriate.  T-Rex’s birthday party comes along, and that when things go ugly.  T-Rex mocks Homer and Homer’s homemade birthday gift, causing Bart to physically attack the kid.  Marge, meanwhile, is super uncomfortable in a room full of nursing mothers who are all outraged to learn Marge uses formula.

The Simpsons are cast out.  And then, the other cool people show up, transforming the town into the sort of place that Homer and Marge don’t recognize anymore.  Even Moe’s is invaded, and Moe didn’t change anything.  Those people like his dive bar for exactly what it is, even the rats.  There’s even the Decembrists teaching music at the co-op that used to be Springfield Elementary.

Is there any hope for the terminally unhip Simpsons?  How can there be?  The fashion is from way in the past and the technology is from way in the future.

But there is some hope.  Bart gets to talking to T-Rex and asks the boy point blank why he hates everything.  T-Rex confesses that he doesn’t get much sleep since his parents take him out late every night.  Bart then invites the kid in to see Krusty on the TV.  T-Rex joyfully accepts.  He just won’t be turning the compost heap as expected.

Then the heap catches fire.

Then T-Rex’s exclusively wooden toys.

Then the house.

The whole house might burn down, seeing as how the community garden has ruined the town’s water pressure and the fire department only has a horse-drawn fire engine now, and the horse just bolted at the first sign of trouble.  But Marge and Homer have a plan!  Marge has 50 gallons of baby formula, and Homer can fashion together a pulley system using the overabundance of wallet chains and scarves.  That actually puts the fire out.  The two families make up, even if T-Rex suddenly wants a plastic toy from Krustyburger, and that might be that, but the New York Times just named Springfield the coolest city in America.  That means the town is played out, and the hipsters move out en masse.

Say, is Marge completely against breastfeeding?  She says she only did it for Lisa.

That makes Maggie look upset.


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