Runaways “Rewind”

So, what are the parents up to?

The short answer to that is we still don’t exactly know.  Much of this episode deals with the plot rewinding (hence the episode title) to show what the parents were doing the day Alex Wilder was arranging the disastrous get-together with his former friends and future allies.  As it is, we get a bit more perspective on the parents.  Geoffrey Wilder is a pretty good dad all told, someone who feels a little guilty about sacrificing a 17 year old because that’s the age of all their kids.  He does it anyway.  He also has a problem of a former criminal associate from his past who may have stolen a lot of information off Geoffrey’s phone.

Likewise, Nico’s dad is concerned about the relationship between his wife and surviving daughter.

The Yorkes are every bit the granola-crunching dorks they seemed to be at first, but they are aware of the dinosaur in their basement.

Chase’s mom seems somewhat concerned about her husband, but he’s been suffering headaches and his teleportation machine, or whatever it is, isn’t quite working.

So, what happens for these special PRIDE meetings, of which an “important” building is going up, is that Victor Stein has a machine that is supposed to do…something.  The Wilders’ house is where everything goes down.  The Yorkes provide something to drug the victim, Tina Minoru uses the Staff of One to silence and shield the room from outside, and Leslie Dean brings the victim.  Why do they do this?  That’s unclear, though everyone must sign off on each victim, and there is some comment that the one their kids saw may be the last one.


But the kids manage to stay one step ahead of their parents after almost getting spotted.  Alex throws the fusebox’s circuit breakers and then the kids pretend they were playing Twister the whole time.  That almost works.  There’s just two problems.

The first is Victor’s machine didn’t actually do anything.

And Geoffrey found what was probably one of Molly’s hair clips outside the secret door where the kids were not supposed to be.

Oh, and Leslie’s husband, who is not part of the PRIDE, is looking for answers for his own selfish purposes.


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