Simpsons Did It!: “A Tree Grows In Springfield”

Hey, it’s Kelsey Grammer’s Sideshow Bob!  For about a second and a half!  In the opening credits!  And he doesn’t really say an actual word!

What a gyp…

What the hell was this?

Ignoring the weird ending where logos for fictional Simpsons companies do stuff, it’s a short episode which would be why there was that weird ending.

Homer’s having a bad day.  His house has more leaks than a sieve when it rains.  Moe’s doesn’t cheer him up much, and his depression is so bad, he even depresses Duffman.  Even the dog has the mumps.

That’s right.  The dog has the mumps.

But then he wins a Mapple MyPad at a school raffle and things are looking up again.

That’s good!

But then he falls down an open manhole, hurts himself, and wrecks the MyPad.

That’s bad!

But then the word “hope” is seen appearing on a tree in the Simpson house, suggesting a miracle from God.

That’s good!

But then Kent Brockman reveals with a thermal camera some human being did it at night.

That’s bad!

But Marge points out it means someone cares, and that comforts Homer.

That’s good!

Then we learn Homer was doing it himself in his sleep.


Did the toppings contain potassium benzoate?  I know that’s bad.

Referencing a good “Treehouse of Horror”?

That’s good!

This episode?  Rather forgettable.

That’s bad.

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