Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Heroes Case File #154: Timeslip

I seem to be on something of a New Warrior kick lately.  So, hey, let’s look at one more.

This one was not an original member.  Her name was Timeslip.

She sure is slipping through time now!

Timeslip’s real name was Rina Patel.  Rina was a mutant of Indian descent and had the power to play around with time.  For the most part, originally, this meant she could cast her mind forward and see her own future.  Since she discovered while doing so that this would lead her to cradle a dying Speedball in her arms, she took it upon herself to warn him or anyone on the New Warriors who would listen.

As it turns out, anonymous young women stepping forward with potentially cryptic warnings doesn’t really get a lot of street cred.

Rina would finally convince one member of the Warriors she was for real.  Unfortunately, that member was Hindsight Lad, who was more of the team’s know-it-all mascot and all-purpose helper.  She managed to convince him when her time vision spotted an oncoming truck and she played with time around her physical body, giving the illusion of superspeed, to push Hindsight out of the way.  As it is, Hindsight saw the real problem was Rina was just some random girl.  Give her a codename, a costume, and let her demonstrate her powers, and the others might listen.

That actually works, though Speedball himself remains skeptical.  As a new member of the team, she’s off on missions and helping out where she can.  And while she often appeared to have superspeed, all she really did was slow time down around her, and towards the end of that New Warriors run, Rina was outrunning a massive explosion while noting she wasn’t stopping it and even if she was able to keep running, she didn’t have super-stamina and would need to stop eventually, perhaps before getting out of range of the blast.

Oh, she was right about Speedball, except it wasn’t the real Speedball but a double created by the Sphinx.

Rina was part of a new batch of adventures.  After original writer Fabian Nicieza left the book around issue #50, new writer Evan Skolnick carried the book on for another 25 issues before the series was eventually canceled.  Skolnick added a few new members to the team during his run, Rina being one of them.  Eventually, though, he brought the team together to defeat a Dire Wraith wearing the Turbo suit and trying to set off a bomb that would eliminate superpowers for a lot of the Earth’s heroes.  Rina was able to contain the blast, but that stunt cost her her powers, at least for a little while.

Yeah, she was getting what looked like hate mail after the first Civil War.

But she hasn’t really been seen much since, unless she’s running between the seconds.

She has been known to do that.

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  1. I just read a lot of her initial stories as the Warriors got caught up in the Clone Saga and the Scarlet Spider joined the team for a short time.

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