Podcast Reaction: The New Year’s Resolutions Edition

This week on the podcast, Jenny and the guys debated the upcoming year and how much they are looking forward to the MCU.

But gee, I am tired of defending the possibility that the Aquaman movie might be good due to a long run-up, consistent director, and a charismatic lead actor.  It’s bad enough I am agreeing with Watson on this, but I just won’t do it anymore.

Moving on…

Watson’s ideal DCEU.

So, yeah, we did a big 2018 Year of Anticipation post, and you, dear reader, can check it out.  Or don’t.  Jenny’s position on Aquaman keeps changing.  I get confused as it is.

But I will say I am glad to see someone besides myself and Jimmy holding down the publishing arm of Gabbing Geek Enterprises.  So, welcome back to Watson.  Now, we get some of the others to contribute more and it won’t be me and Jimmy trying to fill enough timeslots every weekday to keep this place looking active…

But I suppose I should do a resolution.  Oh, I know!  I’ll watch all the movies on the AFI list and write up some commentary on them, and since I’ve seen most of them, a lot of it will be less film criticism and more reflections on what if anything these movies mean to me and theoretically fun stuff like that there.

Sure, I’ve already started that project (two more posts are scheduled for the near future!), but I can still make it a resolution and see if I can get the whole 100 films list done before 2019 rolls around.

But then, I’ve always wondered about filling in my geek blindspots, or blindspots in general.  Should I try more anime/manga?  Maybe play some video games?

Eh, I’ll figure something out.  Happy New Year, gentle readers.


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