Comic Review: Sex Criminals Volume 2

Sex Criminals in its first volume proved to be a wry and intriguing book from Image Comics about two people who can freeze time when they climax during sex.  They decide to rob a bank, but a trio of mysterious folks called the Sex Police attempt to arrest them.

The second volume, subtitled Two Worlds, One Cop, deals with the fallout of that action, among other things.

Writer Matt Fraction had Suzie as main narrator for the first volume, so this time around we get Jon’s perspective for a few chapters.  And, well, Jon has problems.  He’s got a mental illness of some kind and goes off his medication.  He’s also got some commitment issues, and much of what we see in this volume deals with Jon making rash decisions as he and Suzie edge towards love.

Fraction also adds some supporting cast members, brings in more weird sex-related psychic powers, and goes into more weird kinks.  While the Sex Police only hint at their reasoning, what we do see suggests they feel the need to control the many people who have these sorts of abilities.  Much of what’s going on is because of a war between the Sex Police on one side and Jon and Suzie on the other.  Given the many kinks the book covers, it could very well be that the Sex Police represent more repressive forces, people who won’t let folks enjoy what they enjoy.

Or it could be they just worry what would happen if more people knew what they could do.

Between Fraction and artist Chip Zdarsky, the series continues to be a funny look at weird sex, and not the sort that actually happens in the real world.  Nine out of ten porn parodies of The Wicked + The Divine.


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