Runaways “Reunion”

Normally, I’d watch a whole season of a superhero series on a streaming service and then write up a full season review as I do for the various Marvel series on Netflix.

But Hulu doesn’t drop an entire season all at once, preferring a model where they release the first three episodes all at once and then parcel out the remaining episodes at the rate of one per week.  With that in mind, I added Runaways, based on the Marvel comic series, to my weekly write-up cycle, so let’s see how it goes.

And, with one episode in, so far so good.  The pilot takes a more detailed look into the general plot of the first issue as average kid Alex, churchgoing maybe cultist Karolina, SJW Gert, jock Chase, Wiccan Nico, and the youngest Molly all witness what looks like most of their parents killing a young woman in some sort of ritual.  I say “most” because there are a few changes made.  Molly is an orphan and the adopted sister of Gert, and Karolina’s normal human stepfather isn’t involved.

Yes, that’s right:  the parents are supervillains.  Changing things up a little, with the Yorkes now apparently geneticists instead of time travelers and Molly’s biological parents…something unknown since they don’t appear anywhere in this episode if they ever will at all, we see the series making the most of the Los Angeles setting as the kids all attend a, shall we say, very progressive private high school and Karolina’s mother runs a cult-like church that may bear a resemblance to Scientology, we get a quick look into the kids and can see which of the parents are truly caring people.  Alex’s dad seems to be a good dad all things being equal, and Gert and Molly’s somewhat hippie-ish parents come across as socially awkward dorks more than anything else.

And I will add that Molly, now a Hernandez instead of a Hayes, still mostly works.  She may not be a mutant as she is in the comics since Marvel only recently got the rights back to that word for its characters, but the character as an unfailing optimist works just fine.  She’s older, but mutant powers aren’t supposed to kick in until puberty hits anyway, and let’s face it, kids grow up pretty fast so casting a younger girl might have screwed with the series’ own timeline.

But Molly’s changes are the most obvious.  Chase is smarter from the looks of things from his more dumb jock comics version, and Nico had a sister that had died two years earlier, fracturing the friendship the younger generation had until Alex, who may have had a thing for Amy Minoru but certainly does for her sister Nico, feels the need to invite the others to his house for a quick reunion, one that the others initially turn down until they change their collective minds, when Chase saves Karolina from a rape at a party and Molly, panicking after catching a glimpse of Old Lace, asks Gert to come get her out of their house, with a text from Alex of the whole group together getting all of them, including Nico, to come by his house for a reunion that doesn’t go at all well until they see what their parents are really up to the whole time.

And then things get worse.


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