Ash Vs. Evil Dead “Bait”

So, here’s a question:  does Ash know what he’s talking about, or is he just blowing smoke out of his rectum?

Kinda hard to tell at times…

Well, the breakdown is Pablo believes in Ash while Kelly would rather not.  Her mom is back from the grave from the looks of things, and that could mean another “deadite” as Ash calls them.  Or not.  She wants to check.  Ash is thinking Big Picture and needs to get the Necronomicon translated so he can reverse the spell.  And then while he’s hitching his trailer up, Kelly takes off with Pablo’s motorcycle and, according to Pablo, the book.

After a fight in a moving car with the two guys’ possessed manager, one that ends by forcing the dude’s head out a window so another passing vehicle can decapitate him, Ash reveals the secret to being good in a fight:  take one to the chin and it’ll wake you up.  That didn’t happen to Pablo, since breaking a bottle off the dead guy only made him mad.

But then the two get to Kelly’s house and bust in and…oh, everything looks fine.  Kelly’s mom is preparing dinner.

Hey, it’s Mimi Kennedy!

Oh, and Pablo lied about Kelly stealing the book, but Ash doesn’t mind too much.  He knows Kelly’s mom is a deadite.  He just has to prove it.  And when conversation that is about as subtle as a sledgehammer to the nuts doesn’t get very far, a good punch to the Kelly’s mom’s chin will.

Yeah, she ain’t human anymore.

By the by, Ash stays because he thinks Kelly must be the bait to get the whale–that’d be him–and Ash sure is high on himself.

So, now showing her true colors, Kelly’s mom kills Kelly’s dad and then Ash eventually chain saws her.  He buries the two bodies under some makeshift crosses (Kelly reveals when he’s finished her family is Jewish) and the two younger folks join Ash on his quest to get the book translated.

Too bad a State Trooper named Amanda Fisher is already at the book place looking for answers of her own.


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