Ryan’s Top 39 Movies Of 2017

EDIT: Now with 40 movies!

Tis the season of lists and while Watson and Tom have already presented their best/worst movies of 2017, I finally put together my list as well.  Why 39 movies?  Because that’s all I managed to see this year.  And a significant percentage of those were on airplanes.  Here’s to seeing more movies in 2018!

[Turns out I was able to see movie #40 shortly after publishing, so I just kept the headline and inserted Jumanji.]

My list, in order, and with minimal commentary.

  1. Star Wars: The Last Jedi.  The best Star Wars script ever written, filled with amazing surprises and a compelling theme.
  2. Wonder Woman. Took a great character and created an even better story to bring her into the modern cinematic age.
  3. Logan. Wolverine finally gets to stop using safety razors and let loose.
  4. Get Out. Fun movie to watch the first time gets only better the more you watch it.
  5. The Fate of the Furious. This series continues to deliver a blast at the theater.
  6. Jumanji.  Total blast of a film with one of Jack Black’s best performances ever.
  7. Baby Driver. Pure fun.
  8. Thor Ragnarok. Funniest Marvel movie ever.
  9. War for the Planet of the Apes. Fantastic conclusion to the series.
  10. Colossal. Surprising story of monsters in our lives.
  11. Captain Underpants. Vastly underrated children’s movie, a blast.
  12. Valerian and the Impossibly Long Name. Some beautiful ideas in this movie, just needed a better cast.
  13. Spider-Man Homecoming. Spider-Man was the third most interesting character in the movie but it’s a good start.
  14. Beauty and the Beast.  You know the story and yet the movie still gets you, it’s that good.
  15. The Big Sick. Funny in surprising ways, sweet in even better ways.
  16. Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. Not as many surprises but hit where it needed to.
  17. Logan Lucky. Fun heist movie.
  18. Atomic Blonde. Interesting mix of serious spy thriller and action spy movie.  Tries a bit too hard on both but ultimately succeeds.
  19. Split. Intense, fun movie about a supervillain’s origin story.
  20. Wonder. Guaranteed to be shown in a dusty room with fresh onion cuttings.
  21. Step. Amazing documentary about a fantastic school in Baltimore and the power of dance.
  22. I am not Your Negro. Compelling content on race relations from decades ago still, sadly, relevant today.
  23. John Wick Chapter 2. Could have been better if they hadn’t spent so much time focusing on setting up Chapter 3.
  24. The Greatest Showman. Great songs but not connected to the story.
  25. Patti Cakes. Every hip hop movie will be judged against 8 Mile–this isn’t as good but has some great moments.
  26. Lego Batman. Funny but tries too hard.
  27. Skull Island. A bit too run of the mill to be great.
  28. Three Billboards Outside That City. Amazing performances, okay story.
  29. The Founder. Confirming the belief that McDonald’s was created by a real jerk.
  30. Murder on the Orient Express. Amazing, amazing cast almost makes you forget this movie is 800 hours long.
  31. The Foreigner. The trailer was better, and that’s frustrating since it had a lot of good ingredients.
  32. Boss Baby. The only thing worse than Boss Baby is knowing that it did so well this is going to be a franchise.
  33. Monster Trucks. Makes you wish you saw Boss Baby.
  34. Justice League. Wasn’t the worst movie ever but still a hot mess.
  35. Cars 3. I think the Disney team clicked “Theatrical Release” instead of “Straight To Digital” on the registration form.
  36. Silence. Martin Scorsese hates you and wants you to suffer.
  37. Lego Ninjago. Scraps everything kids liked about Ninjago to make a different, stupider story.
  38. Baywatch. This is what 21 Jump Street would have been without talent.  Can’t decide if it’s funny or serious, sometimes in the same scene.
  39. The Dark Tower.  I guess there was a tower and a guy with guns so that makes it a Dark Tower movie?
  40. The Emoji Movie. I couldn’t even get in a decent nap with this movie.

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