Comic Review: Happy!

How often does it happen when I find an Image Comic and think, “Hey, something about this would appeal to Jenny!”

Actually, more often than you think, but then Happy! features a talking, blue, winged unicorn.

Though, to be fair, the word “unicorn” doesn’t appear.  Happy, the character, is always referred to as a horse.

Happy! is the work of writer Grant Morrison and artist Darick Robertson, and recently was adapted to a TV series on the SyFy Channel.  I haven’t seen the show, but I have read the comic.  Here’s the lowdown:

Hard swearing, hard drinking ex-cop Nick Sax is now a contract killer for a hire.  During a hit that goes a bit bad, Nick is shot and starts seeing Happy.  Happy is a flying horse, blue in color, who only Nick can see and hear.  OK, that’s not quite true.  There is one other person, a little girl named Hailey, who can see and hear Happy.  Happy wants Nick to rescue her, and since he’s the only person Happy can communicate with, the horse doesn’t have a lot of options.  As it is, Nick wants to get out of town before the mob, the police, or anyone else out looking for him finds him.

I generally like Morrison’s work, but I’m not sure how cut out he is for comedy.  As such, this didn’t strike me as very funny.  It was still good (Robertson can draw realistic-looking people interacting with cartoon characters very well), but not a lot of laughs as far as I was concerned.  Still, this one is definitely worth a look.  Nick relating his backstory to Happy is some good comics storytelling all by itself.  Nine out of ten murderous Santa Clauses.

Oh, yeah, the story is set around Christmas.

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