House Of Cards UK “The Final Cut Episode Four”

Wow.  The British finished the entire House of Cards saga in an appropriate way with less episodes than a single season of the American version.

Yeah, this thing is finished.  Francis Urquhart got what he wanted:  he beat Margaret Thatcher’s record by a day, the one thing he really cared about.  But he won’t be back.  His wife found the perfect way to ensure his crimes don’t catch up to him.  With Makepeace getting both a copy of the tape with Mattie’s death on it, as well as the evidence that Francis in his younger Army days shot and killed some young Greek men, deaths that haunt the Prime Minister in the present, along with all the other people who died as a direct result of his decisions.

How did Makepeace get that stuff?  Claire tricked some folks into getting the document, but it was confiscated by Francis’ security guy.  He also gave Makepeace the tape.

And then a military action in Cyprus goes wrong when some schoolgirls are killed.  Francis is toxic and even his faithful retainers want to jump ship.  Too bad Francis can blackmail some of them…

But what can keep Francis from facing the disgrace of his crimes?  Well, he dies.  Violently.  Shooting him at the Thatcher monument unveiling.  He’d beaten the record by a day, and as his wife points out, a martyred politician never needs to face the music, and the old Greek man can be framed for the crime as he dies when the same sniper shoots him second.

Oh, and his wife more or less set the whole thing up to protect her personal profits and his legacy.  She told him, more or less, as he died.  Did he approve?

I don’t know.  But I do know he managed to escape public scandal.  He probably would have approved of that much.

But me?  I’m done with this.  That’s the last episode of House of Cards I plan to cover for the foreseeable future if not ever.  I made no secret about how the American version was bugging me even before Kevin Spacey’s firing.  And nothing against Robin Wright, but that show was built around Spacey’s brand of scene chewing.  If and when that series returns, I may not be back for more.

In the meantime, how about something new?  I need something more uplifting and fun.

Ooh, ooh, I know!  Ash vs. Evil Dead!

That’s probably about as different from House of Cards as you can get.

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