Deadwood “Complications”

So, here we have an episode that largely features Bullock getting busy.

Mostly that involves stopping violence in town.


The one instance where it doesn’t involve stopping violence is with Alma.  She’s pregnant.  She doesn’t exactly tell Bullock that, but she does tell Trixie, and that involves getting Doc Cochran involved to make sure Alma is medically OK.  She should be, but for now there are other things to worry about.

Like how Commissioner Jarry had his announcement of possible lose of claims posted to the town, and that nearly causes a riot.  Bullock doesn’t know anything about that yet, as Jarry is hiding out at Tolliver’s place.  Yes, it looks like Jarry, Wolcott, and Tolliver are all in this together, and that means the land theft will only cause more problems for people who aren’t in tight with Tolliver.  That would mean Swearengen, since Tolliver is his biggest rival in town.

That means Swearengen has to call on Bullock, and since the season began with the two nearly killing each other, this episode ends with the two forging an alliance against this backroom shenanigans.  Swearengen is still in recovery and can only do so much, which means Bullock first has to put Jarry in protective custody (Jane is the world’s worst custodian of such custody even if Jarry deserves every second of it), but the violent mob then turns on a fellow who calls himself something I dare not type.  The guy’s black and the mob is racist.  Plus, he pretends to be a general.  His real name is Samuel Fields.

That means Bullock has to go get someone else from the mob.  This is becoming too common.

That’s a lot of Bullock getting busy.

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