Bento Review: Van Helsing Vs. The Mummy Of Amun-Ra

For December, Comic Bento shipped out a box of books under the theme of “Legacy”.  That can mean all kinds of things.

First, though, it means a Zenescope book where one Liesel Van Helsing takes on, well, a mummy in Van Helsing vs. the Mummy of Amun-Ra.

To date, I haven’t loved any of the Zenescope books I’ve received, but this is the second in a row I didn’t hate, so that’s progress.  Sure, it still has the same generic artwork, and I’m pretty sure Pat Shand and Joe Brusha–both of whom got a co-plotter credit with Shand getting the scripting duties–are the only writers who actually work for the company, but I didn’t dislike this one.

At any rate, Liesel Van Helsing is the vampire-killing daughter of Abraham Van Helsing.  She’s been around for a while, but when some sort of magical thing happened, she spent most of the past 150 years or so in a timeless, hell-like dimension before getting out, gaining a lover in the form of the Greek God Hades, but he’s dead himself now so she’s alone.  And she spends a lot of time killing classic monsters, this time around in the form of a powerful female mummy.

So, I didn’t hate this, but I likewise didn’t love it.  The story was competently-told but, all things being equal, came across as rather average, with most of the characters looking more or less the same.  The mummy had an interesting motivation, and Liesel wasn’t a bad character, but like most Zenescope stuff, I am pretty sure Comic Bento sends this stuff so I can maybe go out and get more of their stuff.  To date, that doesn’t seem overly likely, but I’ll give this one a just-passing grade of seven out of ten manticore attacks.  It was perfectly average all told.

NEXT BOOK:  We got a Dark Horse book.  It’s a Conan the Barbarian tale written by Joe R. Lansdale and drawn by Tim Truman, so even if it seems average, it’ll probably be pretty cool since both of those guys rock.

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