Stranger Things “The Lost Sister”

So, this is the episode everyone hated, right?

Truth be told, it didn’t bother me that much.  I think I can see why.  Many people binge watch the show, but I watch the shows in the order I post about them, so anyone excited about the momentum that can from “The Spy” is probably going to be thrown off by Eleven’s trip to Chicago.  Me?  Not so much.

Granted, that isn’t to say I liked this episode, just that I didn’t hate it or anything.  Eleven goes to Chicago, meets up with a fellow-Hawkins Lab refugee named Kali who can make you see things, and the two eventually split.  Kali wants revenge and seems into committing petty crimes.  Eleven, calling herself Jane, sees a vision of Mike and Hopper in trouble and wants to go back and save her friends.

So, in the end, Eleven and the onetime Number Eight will not be spending much time together, and the pair almost had their revenge on the orderly who gave Eleven’s mother the brain-damaging electro-shock therapy.

You know, electro-shock is actually a legitimate treatment for mental illnesses even today.  These shows and movies depicting it as some sort of torture are doing the therapeutic values of that process a disservice.

But Eleven is fundamentally good and won’t do anything when she sees the man she is maybe suffocating is also the father of two kids.  Plus, Brenner might still be alive.  You can’t trust a demogorgon to do things right, it seems.

So, Eleven is going back.  Did Kali and her band of stereotypical 80s rejects add anything to the narrative?  Not really.  Oh well.

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