Deadwood “New Money”

Man, how hard did Swearengen land when he and Bullock took that tumble?

Apparently, hard enough to give Al a kidney stone.  He spends most of the episode lying on the floor, locked in his room, in agony, and seeing how Doc Cochran treats kidney stones…he’s better off on the floor.  His screams seem to disturb everyone in town…except the Bullocks who are enjoying a nice dinner and trying to figure out how to react to each other.

William Bullock has a problem there since the only boy in town that I’ve ever seen that is his age is no longer in town.  Oregon awaits for that kid.

But much of the episode seems to revolve around money and who has it.  Farnum thinks he found a sucker for that Hickok letter he’s been holding on to in the form of one Francis Wolcott.  But he’s not really a sucker.  He works for someone very powerful, one Samuel Hearst, owner of a large mining concern and the father of a certain newspaper magnate.  That isn’t someone you mess with.  It seems Mr. Wolcott is there on behalf of Hearst at the request of Tolliver, and the two may be running some kind of land scheme, spreading rumors that the various claims made by the residents of Deadwood may be no good so Tolliver (and no doubt Hearst) can then buy them up cheap.  Getting Farnum in on rumormongering after the letter thing backfires helps there.

Wolcott is a curious soul.  He asks to go to the finest bordello in town, and that’s Joanie’s new one, but he insists he always pays for female company and wants a very specific prostitute, but she hasn’t shown up yet.  Joanie tries herself, and that just goes weird.

Maybe because Wolcott might be their mystery backer.

As for other people with money, there’s Alma.  She wants to buy Farnum’s hotel, even if Farnum isn’t selling because she really wants to make that weasel sweat.

I can get behind that, actually…

And on a last note, well, Trixie wants Sol to teach her bookkeeping.  He will if she quits whoring.  That proposal does not sit well with her.

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