Simpsons Did It!: “The Ned-Liest Catch”

And we’ll end the 22nd season with a cliffhanger!

Those always work out so well!

After a moment where there are no opening credits save Princess Penelope flying through, we cut to the school where they’re celebrating the girls’ basketball team’s win over Shelbyville 2-0 in triple overtime.  Unfortunately, the only member of the team that was healthy enough to show up was Lisa the equipment manager.  That’s when Bart does his thing and starts a riot, leading Mrs. Krabappel to actually hit Bart in front of, oh, everybody.  That gets her suspended though, really, it’s Bart!  We should be surprised this doesn’t happen more often from authority figures.

So, Mrs. K gets suspended and sent to a dull building where the most interesting things to do seem to be staring at ceiling cracks and for some men chewing on their own beards.  Bart actually feels bad for Mrs. Krabappel and helps her escape, but she then drops down into the arms of Ned Flanders.  The two actually hit it off over, among other things, documentaries on cheese narrated by guest star Ken Burns.

Yeah, this sure is an odd pairing.  But Mrs. K hanging around the Flanders’ house is cramping Bart and Homer’s style when Mrs. Krabappel can see Santa’s Little Helper doesn’t eat Bart’s homework and then demands Homer not only be nice to Ned but return all the stuff he borrowed and never returned.  That makes the Simpson men upset, so they plot against the couple.  Homer opts to take Ned out to show him how exciting singles life is while Bart tries to poison Rod and Tod by telling them about the horrors of step-parents from fairy tales.

Bart, it should be noted, fails miserably because the boys already do a ton of chores on their own, so the Cinderella scenario doesn’t work.

Homer, meanwhile, with Ned at Moe’s relents when he sees Flanders is only human and a little lonely.  Then the truth comes out that Edna has, well, dated a lot of men as various customers at Moe’s like Principal Skinner and Comic Book Guy admit to being intimate with Edna.  That freaks Flanders out, though what really seems to freak him out is guest star and Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer also admits he was with Mrs. K.

That’s a deep cut.

So, what happens?  Well, Homer gets Ned to get over his hangups, but Ned’s forgiving Edna doesn’t work because she doesn’t want forgiveness since she doesn’t think she did anything wrong and doesn’t want Ned to judge her by her past.  Instead, the two decide to let a higher power decide their fate as a couple.

Cue Homer and Marge telling the viewers to vote on the Internet, though Homer seems more inclined to use the vote to get some credit cards with other people’s personal information.

Hopefully this vote goes better than the one where fans decided whether or not Robin would live.


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