Stranger Things “Dig Dug”

So, if actions have consequences, what happens when we share secrets?

That seems to be what much of this episode is about.  Lucas tells Madmax what happened to Will and the others.  Nancy and Jonathan share their tape recording with paranoid, sleazy journalist Murray Bauman.  Eleven tells her seemingly comatose mom she’s alive.  And Bob is told next to nothing but just enough to probably confuse the hell out of him.

Oddly enough, Bob takes the news the best.

So how did it go down?

Lucas got Madmax alone and she initially thought he made the whole thing up, but his seriousness convinced her otherwise.  Maybe.  Too bad Lucas is the boy her psycho step brother Billy specifically warned her against.  And by “warned,” it wasn’t in the brotherly manner, but more like that, “I will hurt you if you talk to him” way.

Nancy and Jonathan found Murray more than willing to listen, but he can’t exactly release what they know since, you know, nobody believes paranoid conspiracy theorists.

Bob is asked to use his brains to figure out Will’s drawings.  Will got a vision of Hopper lost in one spot (Hopper is in major trouble), and Bob manages to decipher the drawings as a map of town and even finds largely the spot to dig in.  Joyce and Bob do find Hopper, but the real savior there may be lab people since Dr. Owens and co. did double check as Hopper insisted on the dead pumpkin thing, and they show up with flamethrowers.

Will starts convulsing as the mystery vines from the Upside Down starts burning…

Eleven does find her mother, and she manages to make telepathic contact.  There’s some stuff there about her birth, and hey, there used to be at least one other little girl in the lab.  Will she stay with her mom and aunt?  Looks like she will for now.

But here’s the thing:  Dustin doesn’t know any of that.  He’s gotten his mom out of the house on a wild goose chase for the missing (actually eaten) cat, and then he gets Dart locked in the basement.  But no one is answering his requests for help, but he does find someone to help when he stops at Mike’s house:  Steve.  Steve knows a few things, and he may still have that spiked baseball bat…


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