Bento Review: Mindfield

The old CIA project MK Ultra was supposedly looking to create telepathic abilities in ordinary Americans by secretly dosing them with LSD.

The Apsen Comics series Mindfield posits that the project was renewed in more modern times successfully to create a team of covert telepathic agents to keep America safe from terrorists.

On the surface, that sounds like a cool enough idea.  True, it’s from Aspen, and they don’t exactly have a good winning streak as far as I am concerned, but this one doesn’t feature a female protagonist in skimpy attire, so it’s already ahead on points.

That said, aside from some interesting use of telepathic attacks between rival telepaths working for and against the government, this book felt very by-the-numbers, with an early running gag that the telepaths would tell someone something about that person’s past only for the other person to then wonder aloud, “How’d he know that?!”  But some anarchist type with a beef against capitalism and two telepaths of his own has swiped a nuke and wants to take out the Mall of America.  Will our four person team stop him?

What do you think?

Writer J.T. Krul does OK here, but I didn’t think it was worth writing home about.  It wasn’t terrible either.  It just was.  Seven and a half zero issues that don’t make sense if you think about them out of ten.

NEXT BOOK(S?):  Remember I said Comic Bento sent me six books for once and I wasn’t sure how I felt when I saw the six?  Here’s why:  it’s three consecutive volumes of Marvel’s Runaways.  I may just review them all at once when I finish them.


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