Comic Review: DC Rebirth Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps Volume 2

Normally I’d be reviewing everything that came in my monthly Bento Box and not skip around.

But then I was in the local shopping mall doing some Christmas shopping while waiting on car repairs, and, well, I read this while I waited.  It’s the second volume of the DC Rebirth title Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, subtitled Bottled Light.

At the end of the previous volume, Hal Jordan appeared to sacrifice his life battling his old foe Sinestro, a number of Sinestro’s own Sinestro Corps members led by his daughter Soranik defected to the Green Lanterns looking to use their yellow rings as a force for good, and John Stewart was in charge of the Green Lantern Corps using sentient planet Mogo as the new GL homeworld.  Aside from Guy Gardner and one or two others, the Green Lanterns don’t quite trust the Yellow Lanterns, and Hal is still missing.

What follows is mostly focused on John Stewart and Soranik as a plea for help from a distant world brings the two Corps out to battle against the likes of Starro, an older model of Brainiac, and Larfleeze the Orange Lantern of greed.  Hal, meanwhile, needs to be returned to life with help from the last Guardians of the Universe and Kyle Rayner, the White Lantern.  The Hal story has some nice cosmic tones to it, expanding the mythology of the Green Lanterns in an interesting way.  The John and Soranik story was just flat-out exciting action.

Writer Robert Venditti continues with a fun, space-based series.  He’s using a lot of the cosmic villains, with hints of more to come, in a manner that works and makes for a good, action-packed read as two longtime foes can maybe come together to form a stronger, united front.  Nine out of ten Green Lantern afterlifes.

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