Simpsons Did It!: “The Blue And The Gray”

Hold on, I thought Marge was fully aware her hair wasn’t naturally blue anymore?

It’s almost like continuity doesn’t even matter on The Simpsons!

So, let’s be honest:  this was a lackluster episode with two plots that somehow intersect.  First, Moe realizes he needs a wingman in order to get anywhere with women.  Homer is perfect at that.  In fact, Moe is rather successful with the ladies afterwards.

The second is Marge sees a gray hair and then learns her hairdresser Julio has been dying it blue for years.  As such, Marge opts to let it go gray like the stylish, romantic, gray-haired couple she sees outside the hairdresser.

But then people start making cracks about how old Marge looks, and Homer doesn’t know what to say.  Lisa’s supportive because anything a woman does can be empowering.  Bart, meanwhile, panics that he doesn’t know where his head ends and hair begins, and then both his sisters have the same very legitimate fear.

And, really, that would be it were it not for a couple small things.  First, Patty and Selma reveal they don’t have gray hair themselves.  Patty is a redhead and Selma a blonde.  All the cigarette ash makes them look gray.  And second, Marge goes nuts when she overhears a couple of women at the coffeeshop she’s meeting her sisters at talk about seeing Homer at the club.  Marge goes crazy, gets her dress ripped and her make-up smudged, and ends up looking like a witch when she confronts Homer at said club.

But since Homer confesses the truth–that’s he’s just Moe’s wingman and he has confidence to do so because he knows he has Marge to go home to–that more or less is the end of it.

See?  Lackluster and inconsequential.  Next!

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