Stranger Things “The Pollywog”

We should talk about Bob…

Look, Bob’s harmless.  Mostly.  He’s a big dork who gets to make out with Winona Ryder, every Hobbit’s dream, and probably the dream of a good chunk of American men my age.

I know I wouldn’t mind.

And true, Bob fulfills a certain character type in the form of the dorky new boyfriend for mom, someone who may be trying to connect with Joyce’s two boys, but only so-so successfully.  He’s well-meaning, knows a lot about the latest technology (for 1984) and he tries to offer good advice to poor Will.

You know, that advice probably would be good if Will’s problems were just nightmares and not real things in the Upside Down.  Shouting “GO AWAY!” at a tentacled shadow is really just an invitation to have something jammed down your throat.

Meanwhile, we finish the flashbacks showing Hopper found Eleven out in the woods and took her to his grampa’s cabin in the woods, made it habitable, and then laid down some ground rules so she wouldn’t get seen, promising she’d be let out “soon”.  Of course, he doesn’t know when “soon” will be, and it’s been a year, so she wants answers and then she heads out after intentionally breaking every rule.  She goes looking for Mike and sees him arguing with Max over whether or not she should be part of the group (he says no).  Eleven thinks it’s flirting.  Uh-oh.

Why were they arguing?  Dustin brought his new pet to school to classify it.  He thought it was a land-based tadpole or, you know, a pollywog, but the thing he named “D’Artagnan” after one of the characters from The Three Musketeers (the candy, not the book from the looks of things) is, well, the same slug Will coughed up in the last episode of season one.  You know, something from the Upside Down.  Dustin wants to keep it.  Mike wants to kill it.  Max thinks its gross.  Will is afraid of it.  Lucas…you know, I don’t recall what he did.  All the kids go looking for “Dart” when he escapes.  He’s also, like, twice his original size.

That can’t be good, even if they do capture the thing.  Besides, Hopper is demanding the lab look into the plant death.  Owens seems more amenable than his predecessors, so maybe that will happen.

Oh, and Nancy doesn’t remember a thing she said while drunk, but Steve sure does.  He’s really hurt by her.  But she and Jonathan are going to tell Barb’s mom what happened.  But Steve was right about the phones…they are bugged by the Lab…

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