Gravity Falls “The Golf War”

Oh man, Mabel is really starting to itch under that rivalry with Pacifica Northwest.

See, Mabel thought she was getting a front page story in the local newspaper, but then Pacifica, using her family’s fabulous wealth, bought that spot for herself.  V-necks are in!  Soos is so excited, he wants to make all his shirts into W-necks.

Will anything snap Mabel out of her funk?  Yes, actually, and not just beating Pacifica at…anything really…but instead, mini golf.  She’s actually really good at that.  Heck, she’s winning all kinds of holes with her family when she gets to a windmill and the ball doesn’t quite bounce out right.  Who can make that hole in one?  Pacifica.  Her family got her a coach named Sergei.  What will Mabel do now?  Challenge her rival to a match.  That’s something even Stan can get behind, but a sudden rain storm closes the mini golf course.

Granted, the rain stops that night and Stan drives the twins back to the golf course to practice before Pacifica shows up.  And that windmill is still causing problems.

It turns out there’s a good reason for it:  the golf balls are alive.  The dutch-themed ones living in the windmill have issues with the pirate-themed ones on another hole and so forth.  All 18 holes have a theme and each one wants to be deemed the best.  What can determine who is the best?  Maybe Mabel can give the best hole one of her patented stickers, and she can give them to whichever hole helps the most.

That plan seems to work when Pacifica shows up and inexplicably does very poorly.  Then comes the mining hole, where a big ball named Big Henry appears to sacrifice his life to deliver the ball through a gas leak.  Mabel praises that hole, which makes the other jealous so they just kidnap Pacifica and Sergei and hold them hostage until Mabel picks the best hole.  What does Mabel do?  Realize rivalries are stupid and eats the sticker.

Now she, Dipper, Pacifica, and Sergei need to flee.  Everyone gets away except for Sergei, and then the Pines give Pacifica a ride home.  Will they all be nicer to each other?  I doubt it.

Oh, and Sergei seems to be OK as long as he lets the ball people perform their musical numbers.


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