Podcast Reaction: Ragin’ Geeks Edition

This week on the podcast, Jenny and the guys were talking about what made them mad.

Watson’s ideal hammer-wielder.

OK, to be very fair, Ryan wasn’t the slightest bit mad about anything.  He was rather mellow.  Jenny was full of rage, and #JennyRage is quite the sight.  Watson was pretty mad too.  Ryan?  Not so much.  It’s almost like something Ryan was doing made him incapable of feeling any rage.

Now, me, I don’t know if I’d be angry at anything that Watson was angry about, but then again, it was a numbers thing.  We all know by now how I feel about numbers things.  I prefer to read what a film critic I trust has to say than checking some silly aggregator site, and then seeing the movie for myself and making up my own mind, but that’s just me.

Ryan, though, was in his own world.

Now Jenny, she had a more legit reason to be angry.

Artist’s conception of Jenny getting the leather bikini news.

No, it doesn’t make sense to sexualize the Amazons the way Justice League apparently has.  Then again, much of what is going on with the DCEU doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but maybe the Amazons in the bikinis are in the past and hadn’t invented the midriff cover yet.

But on the subject of Rogue lifting Mjolinir, huh.  Well, on the one hand, the power to be “worthy” doesn’t seem to be connected to any particular superpower Thor has so much as his inner qualities.  Comic book Thor has seen his hammer lifted by all kinds of beings physically weaker than himself.  Movie Thor, eh, Ryan had a theory, but it seemed to be really reaching for something.  I don’t really buy it.

Then again, there may be a reason for Ryan being so out there with lightning theories as he was mellow.

Though given the number of factual errors Jenny made in the first few minutes related to Rian Johnson and Star Wars, maybe she was hitting the cider too when no one was looking.  I mean, how can anything we’ve seen indicate there may be a massive problem with Last Jedi?

Will Porgs be more Ewok of Gungan?

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